VEST, proyecto
europeo colaborativo.

Traditional Dress in Europe, VEST, is a European collaborative innovation project that starts from three fundamental premises, on the one hand of the similarities the popular clothing in Europe, where the basic garment is usually the same, but it differs in the details and complements, on the other hand of the lack of documentary references and investigations in this regard, and finally of the need to spread and reinforce the European cultural heritage, so that citizens actively engage with it.


Based on these premises, VEST was born, an initiative that aims to edit a publication that includes a detailed analysis of the similarities of Traditional Clothing in Europe, with the purpose of disseminating it in member countries and serving as a support for the delivery of content training related to the textile, pattern or fashion sector. For this, the project includes research activities in the six countries involved, Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Portugal and Estonia, transnational meetings every six months for the exchange of knowledge and multiplier events in the countries of the project partners.


VEST is a strategic inter-center alliance, through which schools will join forces and share their Know How to obtain as a final product a publication that will become a reference in the field of traditional clothing in Europe.


VEST is therefore an open innovation project, open to the world, that will disseminate the results of its research, field work and technological surveillance through a publication that will be available in print and digital version.


As a final result, throughout the two years of the project, we will obtain a documentary product of high historical value that will serve as a starting point for future collaborative projects and with a high capacity of replicable extrapolable to the study of other elements of heritage European culture, acting of tractor effect.